Friday, April 23, 2010

I was included in a Treasury!

Just wanted to share quick, that I was included in a Treasury :)

That's my Crochet PATTERN for my Lilac Newsboy Hat, which can be found in my shop: A. Turner Designs. I'm so glad it was chosen! :)

Click the photo above, to check out the other awesome patterns!

It's been a while...

I feel like I've been seriously neglecting my little blog & my shop this past week.. and I really have been. I've been working a lot at my second job (which I will hopefully be able to leave soon!) It's just taking up all my time & I feel like I don't get anything accomplished. I feel behind & like I'm constantly trying to catch up. Not to mention, my supplier is killing me with not having my buttons in!! That's another story though... so, I'll save that rant for another time haha.

Spring is definitely here & in full swing, so here are some Spring Beanies to brighten up your day!

I know I usually do a Feature Friday, I just don't have the time for it. If I get the time later today, I will add a second post! Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I promise I'll be back & better than ever, very shortly!

I want to do a giveaway very soon, but I'm not sure it would work out well because I have a small amount of followers. I was thinking of doing it through another blog, but I'm not sure who to ask. So please give me some input!! What would you like me to offer as a giveaway? Patterns, a hat, a scarf? Take a look at my shop A. Turner Designs & let me know what you want!

Thanks everyone!