Monday, May 24, 2010

Some new stuff!

I updated my Etsy shop with a couple new things this past week. Including a Medium sized Cuddle Blanket! It's a must see if you're looking for a new photo prop! It's awesome, if I do say so myself :)

Here it is, size Medium in Meadow - a gorgeous blend of Sage, Gold, Cream, and Blue.
Here it is compared to my Original cuddle blanket in size Small in
Sierra - a beautiful blend of rose, tans, and browns.
You can really tell the size difference. My Small (original) design is made for those brand new babies & at just about 20" in diameter - it's the perfect size to cover the surface of whatever your Newborn would be lying on. The Medium size at just about 30" in diameter - is perfect for 0-3 months and up! This would fit very nicely in just about any photo prop basket! I'm so excited to finally have this available in my shop & I can't wait to start working on the next size!

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