Sunday, February 20, 2011

Newborn Photographer / Photo Prop Baby Bed or Doll Bed

Now available FINISHED in White!

- Newborn Photo Prop Bed -
Handcrafted out of the finest Select Pine available. No hardware showing! Hand sanded and finished in White. Built sturdy with safety in mind. Withstands up to 50lbs. You WON'T find another like it on Etsy!

Perfect for sleeping newborns, sitting infants, and even toddlers!
(Yes, that's my 3'3" tall, 33lb. - 3 year old on one of my baby beds!)


  1. This bed has an inside measurement of 12" wide x 20" length of bed space. The higher headboard post height is 20".

    You can find more information about the beds at my shop, here: