Wednesday, March 3, 2010

FREE Crochet Button Beanie Hat Pattern

Since I do so well selling my patterns on Etsy - I thought it would be nice to give a little something back. This is my first FREE pattern post ever! (with hopefully-many more to come.) Enjoy!


Button Loop Beanie Hat
Size Chart:
0-3 months (Newborn) 12"-13"
3-6 months (Infant) 13"-14"
6-12 months (Infant/Toddler) 16"-17"
12+ months (Toddler/Teen) 18"-19"
Teen/Adult 20"-21"
X Large Adult 24"

H hook (5.00mm)
4 (medium worsted) yarn

c = chain
st. = stitch
sl. st. = slip stitch
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
dcbp = double crochet back post
bphdc = back post half double crochet
dv st. = double v stitch

Description of stitches:
bphdc - yarn over, put your hook through the (inside of hat) back of the post of the stitch in the row directly below it. yarn over, pull through the first loop (which will be the post). yarn over pull through the remaining 3 loops. (same as hdc) this makes the ridge across your hat.
dv stitch - this is my own made up stitch. You skip the first stitch, dc in the next stitch and then work backwards...and dc in the skipped stitch. you then proceed by skipping the next stitch in line (after your very first dc), dc in the next stitch, and work backwards once again making a dc in the skipped stitch. You will see a V-pattern slowly forming.

Hat pictured is Newborn size. (approx. 12-13" in circumference) Used in photo: Caron (Simply Soft) yarn in Dark Country Blue.

Row 1. c4, join to form ring. make 12 hdcs in ring, join. (12 hdcs)
Row 2. c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *2 dcs* in each st. around. join to first dc. (24 dcs)

for 0-3 months skip to Row 3.
for 3-6 months increase (from 24 dcs in Row 2) to 27 dcs.
c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *dc in next 7 sts., 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join to first dc. (27 dcs)
for 6-12 months increase (from 24 dcs in Row 2) to 32 dcs.
c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *dc in next 2 sts., 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join. (32 dcs)
for Toddler-Preteen increase (from 24 dcs in Row 2) to 36 dcs.
c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *dc in next st., 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join. (36 dcs)
for Teen/Adult increase (from 24 dcs in Row 2) to 40 dcs.
c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *dc in next st., 2 dcs in next, 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join. (40 dcs)
for XLarge Adult increase (from 24 dcs in Row 2) to 44 dcs.
c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *2 dcs in next 4 sts., dc in next* repeat from * around. join. (44 dcs)

Row 3. c1, hdc in same st. *hdc in next st., 2 hdcs* repeat from * around. join. (36, 41, 48, 54, 60, 66 hdcs)
Row 4. c2, dc in same st. (counts as 2 dcs) *dc in next, 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join. (54, 60, 73, 81, 90, 99 dcs)
Row 5. c1, hdc in same st. and around. (54, 60, 73, 81, 90, 99 hdcs)
Row 6. c1, bphdc in same st. and around. (54, 60, 72, 80, 90, 98 bphdcs)
Row 7. skip 1st stitch, dc in next st. then go backwards and dc in skipped st. (dv-st.)*skip st., dc in next, dc in skipped st.* repeat from * around. (27, 30, 36, 40, 45, 49 dv-sts.)
Row 8. repeat Row 6.
Row 9. repeat Row 5.
Row 10. c2, dc in each st. around. join. (54, 60, 73, 81, 90, 99 dcs)
Rows 11-13. repeat Row 10.
Row 14. repeat Row 6.
Row 15. repeat Row 5.
Row 16. repeat Row 5. before joining, c10. dc in 3rd chain from hook and the next 7 sts. down your c10. (9 dcs) sl. st. in same st. as your c10 and sl. st. to join. join to first dcbp. this will be your button flap. (for larger size hats, you can increase the c10 to make your button flap larger.) the flap will hide your seam.
Row 17. repeat Row 6.
Row 18. repeat Row 5.
Fasten off and tuck in your ends.

Widening your flap:
Attach yarn with a slip stitch to the very first stitch of your flap.
*c1, sc in each st. around and in each of the sts. at the bottom* (this forms a rounded bottom.)
Fasten off, tuck in all ends and sew on your buttons - as shown in the photo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! I welcome comments/critiques! Thanks!

Please do not steal this pattern or pass it off as your own. You may use this pattern to make things that you will sell. All I ask is that if you are going to share the pattern itself - you credit me and link back to this post. That is all!


  1. Whew! I don’t crochet, but I love the little embellishments you put on your beanies. :o)

  2. That beanie is adorable!! Now all I need to do is learn to crochet.

  3. Great beanie, thanks so much for sharing it with everyone! Im still learning how to read crochet patterns.. but this will be one I will have to practice with!

  4. Thanks M.M.E. - You really should learn, it's so much fun once you get the hang of it!

    O'Baby Fashions - You're very welcome! And once you decide to try it out - I'm here if you have any questions!

  5. Thank you for the pattern! I was needing a new and different pattern! RC 3/22/2010

  6. Hi I am from Brazil, Since I'm starting up with a blog, can I link this pattern? It is so easy, original and lovely. For sure I will give you the credits.
    Thank you, keep up the good work!
    Drikka Glaser.

  7. Drikka,
    Hi, yes of course you can link the pattern! I'm so glad you like it! Thanks so much!

  8. really liked this pattern. are you on ravelry?

  9. Hello,
    I have a question. On the hook size you said it's a J hook but then it's 5.00 mm. Is It an H hook then?

  10. I'm sorry I did not realize the typo! Thanks so much for letting me know! I used a 5.00mm - H hook. I've fixed the post!

  11. I'm about to start working on this hat but I'm a little confused. Is the portion of the hat with buttons on it seperate from that hat and then sewn on or is it done with the rest of the hat?

  12. The flap is done as part of the hat. At the end of Row 16 - before joining you c10 and make your flap. (see row 16) you work your way around and back to the same position you were in before. You then continue on with your hat. Hope I've helped!

  13. lindsay -

    sorry i missed your comment! no i am not on ravelry yet. i have an account but have not put up any patterns. perhaps I should get moving on that? haha

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  15. This is a beautiful hat. I started making one and am unsure of row 8. It says to repeat row 6. This means you are doing a bphdc in the dv stitch? If this is correct, can you describe how this is done. Thanks.

  16. Thank you for this pattern! It's beautiful.

    One question: do I join at the end of row 6/beginning row 7? What about a beginning chain on the row? Is that necessary?

  17. Hello,
    I love the hat, really cute. I'm starting to crochet. I understand all the different stich, but...
    I wan't to do the adult hat. so row 1 has 12 stich, then on row 2, if you do 2 dc in each stich it makes 24 for a baby (that I understand), but I don't understand how to make it 40 by doing :
    1 dc in first stich, then 2 dc in 2nd then 2 dc in 3rd,(*dc in next st., 2 dcs in next, 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join. (40 dcs)this is the part I don't understand) to me this seem like it would do less than 24.
    I tried to do 40 by doing 3 or 4 dc in each of the 12 stich but it's to much??
    sorry if this is a basic question
    thank you

  18. I found you today on and love love love your stuff. I was looking for a hat pattern to make a new born neice for a cousin Christmas exchange. Though I didn't use this pattern (I ended up doing something a little different) I am planning on trying this one our next... and will be looking around all your other patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I was doing the adult hat, but I was having problems with it crinkling up. What should I do?

  20. this was definately the hardest pattern to ended up being a purse for my one year old grand daughter. I had the same questions as some of the others and since the answers weren't answered on here I had to make "executive" decisions on the definitions. Obviously they were the wrong decisions because my "hat" did not come close to looking like the picture posted here.

  21. Very cute ... I'll give it a go and hope I have better luck than the others did. LOL~

  22. I just started crocheting last week and this hat was my second project...your pattern was very smooth and easy to follow...but I made the 6-12 month size and it fit an adult head...I counted my stitches every row and used the right size hook, so I'm not sure what happened. But I'm happy with it and now I have a hat for myself!

  23. This hat is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Thank you for the pattern!

  24. Your hat is so cute,im still learning how to crochet,but looking forward to make a hat for my two girls and this hat is one of my favorites. thanks for sharing the pattern!

  25. love your hat!
    just wanted to clarify your instructions for bphdc below. when you put the hook behind the post (on the right side of the post) do you have to put the hook around the post (back to the front, around the left side of the post)?

  26. I really love this pattern. I just completed it a baby gift for a coworker. Thanks for it!

  27. I had to use sport weight yarn and some tweaking to get this actually come out infant size, but I love the way the hat finally turned out. My first one was child-adult size... Thanks though!

  28. so im crocheting the adult sized hat and i just finished row 4 but its not laying flat-its wavy- is this right?

  29. I am on Line 8 and it doesn't look like a hat at looks like a wavy centerpiece for a table or's not turning in like a hat should...anybody have any ideas?

  30. Love this hat. I knitted and will post it on my blog tomorrow

    Thanks for the inspiration. I will also post this blog address as my inspiration.

  31. I too have been having trouble with the instructions for the button beanie hat. I think I've got the behind post instructions right, but the v-stitch has got me puzzled. A picture would help, or directions by picture.

  32. Hello!

    Congrats! on such a cute hat. I was trying to crochet myself one and and got stuck on the: Teen/Adult increase (from 24 dcs in Row 2) to 40 .

    I did exactly as your instructions say: "c2, dc in same st. (counts as first 2 dcs) *dc in next st., 2 dcs in next, 2 dcs in next* repeat from * around. join. (40 dcs)."

    But I'm not getting the 40 double crotchets :-(

  33. I crochet hats for women who have lost their hair due to chemo or brain surgery. I made several of these hats in bright, cheery colors and used decorative buttons on the flaps. They turned out beautifully. Your pattern made a lot of women very happy. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.