Friday, February 12, 2010

Feature Friday:

I've decided to make every Friday's post a "FEATURE FRIDAY" where I will feature something awesome I've found on Etsy. I might feature a seller, or an Item, maybe even one of my recent favorites. I'm going to switch it up from week to week -as not to bore you!

In this week's Feature Friday I'm featuring etsy seller: cazhoffy!

Her Etsy shop, Seamingly Possible is one of the most adorable shops I've seen on Etsy! Her pretty little baby slippers, burp cloths, change/play mats, etc. (in coordinating colors, might I add!) would make for the perfect baby shower gifts! They are so unique and colorful, the only problem I could see myself having, is that they are just too darn cute to choose from.

What's the BEST part of this FEATURE? Her FEBRUARY OFFER -
Buy any pair of booties together with a set of burp cloths and save $6
Buy any pair of booties together with a single burp cloth and save $4
(savings refunded via paypal, offer excludes sale items)

Go FOLLOW her on BLOGSPOT: SeaminglyPossible


1 comment:

  1. bright and gorgeous baby shoes! great finds for today!